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    is the place where your online business gets the final shape and usability.
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    is the place where your idea growing from concept to real software system.
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    is the place where the software design and the programming are overcoming limits and from an extraordinary job becomes an outstanding pleasure!

Our specialities are robust software solutions.

SWARCS offers premium software development and various models of expertise. Our principle is to create strong collaborative relationships with our clients. We want to be a partner that always provides high quality results and this is incorporated into our company values.

why choose us?

why choose us?We Do What We Say

Almost all of our business has come by "word of mouth", as such, we are not happy until you are happy. We focus on customer satisfaction and providing you the right solutions.

Our mission

Our missionThe True Business Value

The mission of SWARCS is to constantly developing the true business value by improving the success rate of enterprise projects, reducing costs, and creating greater alignment between systems and business users.

what we do

what we do?Developing the solutions

We are developing robust server solutions, android and iOS native mobile applications and custom software solutions for various client needs using latest technologies and the best possible architectural solutions.

In this digital world everything is programmed.

But, ... Only some things are programmed well.

We will always be at this better side!

Who we are?
SWARCS is a software company which is built on big knowledge and endless energy of several highly skillable and motivated senior software engineers oriented to fullfill top quality solutions on various client requests on mutual pleasure.
Our Company's Values
  • Passion about our work;
  • Openness, Honesty and Transparency;
  • Personal and Professional Growth;
  • Constant Learning;
  • Embracing Changes;
  • Do More With Less;
  • Build Relationships.
Application Outsourcing
  • Development and Enhancement;
  • Maintenance;
  • Production Support;
  • Conversion, Retrofit and Consolidation;
  • Migration and Release Upgrade;
  • Testing and Quality Assurance;
Engagement Models
  • Effort Based Pricing (EBP);
  • Milestone Based Pricing (MBP);
  • Dedicated Development (DD);
  • Project Based Pricing (PBP);
  • Fixed Bid (FB);

Essential Facts

  • skilled software engineers
  • employee MSCi level
  • employee Bsc level
  • fluent in english
  • code test coverage
  • attrition rate

In focus

Our focus in SWARCS is creating cross-technology solutions with our skillfull teams for technologically challenging projects. In addition to being in the focus, it is also our passion and we are very happy to announce that we are constantly creating that kind of systems which are successfully working on various environments using wide range of technologies!